Slade – Gypsy Roadhog

Nenän puuterointia Sladen malliin. Biisi oli vuoden 1977 levyn ”Whatever happened to Slade” ykkössingle ja joutui aiheensa vuoksi BBC:n boikotoimaksi. Biisi kertoo kokaiinidiileristä, joka pakenee ympäri jenkkilää.

”Powdered my nose in Alabama
Out on a limb
Powdered my nose in Indiana
Ain’t that a sin
I had to get my butt out quick
It always works – the old, old trick
I got away just in the nick of time, that’s why
I powdered my nose in Oklahoma
Over the top
I wasted away in New Orleans
I couldn’t stop
Down in the alley – happy dust
Me and Romona we was gettin’ bust
I got away just in the nick of time, that’s why
I got the nickname the Gypsy Roadhog
On the California trail
I gotta keep my wheels movin’ on
I gotta keep me outa jail
Powdered my nose in San Francisco
Down on the bay
It went to my head down in New York City
I was blasted away
And two ugly scuts bust in the room
They took away my little silver spoon
I got away just in the nick of time, that’s why

I’m comin’ through, through, through
I’m looking for you”

Tom Lehrer – The Old Dope Peddler

Tom Lehrer oli pianisti ja erikoistunut parodioihin. Tämä diilerikuvauskin on väännetty 40-luvun Kay Kyserin hitistä The Old Lamp-Lighter.

”When the shades of night are falling,
Comes a fellow evryone knows,
It’s the old dope peddler,
Spreading joy wherever he goes.
Evry evening you will find him,
Around our neighborhood.
It’s the old dope peddler
Doing well by doing good.

He gives the kids free samples,
Because he knows full well
That today’s young innocent faces
Will be tomorrow’s clientèle.
Here’s a cure for all your troubles,
Here’s an end to all distress.
It’s the old dope peddler
With his powdered ha-happiness.”

Elton John – White Lady White Powder

1970-luvun lopulta aina 80-luvun lopulle asti Elton John ei juurikaan kursaillut kokaiinin käytön kanssa. Vuoden 1980 ”21 at 31” albumin viitosraita White Lady White Powder kuvaa hänen kokaiinin käyttöään. Sanat ovat Elton Johnin luottomiehen, Bernie Taupinin, käsialaa.

”Dust settles on a thin cloud
Sends a fog drifting to a worn out crowd
I’ve had my face in a mirror for twenty four hours
Staring at a line of white powder

High-priced madness pays the tab
I’ve scraped too much of nothing from your plastic bag
I’m a catatonic son of a bitch who’s had
A touch too much of white powder

And she’s a habit I can’t handle
For a reason I can’t say
I’m in love with a wild white lady
She’s as sweet as the stories say
White powder white lady
You’re one and the same
Come on down to my house won’t you
And hit this boy again

Shock waves to a tired brain
Sends that hungry lady to my door again
She’s my shelter from the storm when I feel the rain
Entertaining white powder

I feel I’m dry-docked and tongue-tied
Heaven sends a stretcher for the kids to ride
I might just escape while the others might die
Riding on a high of white powder”

NoFX – Herojuana

Tämän biisin voisi varmaankin sanoa kritisoivan vallalla olevaa huumepolitiikkaa.

”Light the match
Burn the flower
Leave behind
All the wrong
Why be sad
When happiness can be bought for a little more then free
Modern day prohibition

Are we men?
Are we children?
At what age
Can I choose
How to live?

The only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs
Haven’t we
Learned our lesson?
The corner store sells finest Scotch
But who’s got uncut powder
We just want what is ours

Dignity, if god created plants and burrs that I find and abuse
Then who the fuck
Are you to judge me?”

Mötley Crüe – White Trash Circus

Hyvin omaelämänkerrallinen ralli juurikin bändin elämästä 80-luvulla. White thrash viitannee kokaiiniin.

”Been livin’ on the road about a year and a half
If we go another mile we’re gonna kick each other’s ass
Someone’s gonna quit or someone’s gonna die
And we don’t give a shit because we’re busy getting high
Another lawsuit another arrest
Wouldn’t change a thing because we love it to death”