Bonnie McKee – I Hold Her

Biisi kertoo lapsuuden viattomuuden menettämisestä…

”Smokey is my apple
And green are my eyes
Silent is snowfall
I whispher goodbye
Farewell to the child
That I use to be
I hold her she’s sobbing
My baby…”

Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City

Biisi nyt varsinaisesti kerro suinkaan huumeita, mutta tuon grass in green -kohdan voi halutessaan nähdä viittaavan kannabikseen…

”Take me down
To the paradise city
Where the grass is green
And the girls are pretty
Oh, won’t you please take me home..”

Pato Banton – Legalize it!

Marihuanan laillistamista tässä rallissa perustellaan.

”Sensimelia is a herb that grows naturally
just like any other plant or tree.
Natural as the birds, natural as the bees
and just like them sensi ought to be: Free!
To be grown anywhere that we please
in the city in the town and in the country. Free!
In the hills and in the valley
sensi should be there for everyone to see.”