Mary Magdalan – Rehab

Biisi kertoo kaverista, joka käyttää tasan kaikkea mitä löytyy ja enemmän.

”I can’t help but to help myself I’m losing my mind I need help
filling my mind with doubt I’d do anything to get out”

The Incredible String Band – White Bird

Hyvin meditatiivinen kappale… löytyy ehkä sen takia joistakin huumebiisiluetteloista. Sanoitukset varsinaisesti eivät mielestäni juurikaan viittaa huumeisiin. Biisissä kuvataan hyvin harmonista ja tasapainoista hetkeä.

”Who among you has not laid his head
beneath some holy awning
Would think that such a night of tortured travelling
Could bring such a glory morning
And feel his heart sucked to his head
His head so wide that all life says
Has room to live and breathe and have its being – and more
For such a scene of beauty
For such a scene of beauty

ATB – Ecstasy

Rakastumisen muuttama kaveri. Rakastuminen joko naiseen tai huumeisiin.

”Have you ever noticed?
That I’m not acting as I used to do before
Have you ever wondered?
Why I always keep on coming back for more
What have you done to me
I’ll never be the same I tell you for sure”

Eminem – The Kids

South Park-teemainen huumebiisi.

”Today we’re gonna to learn how to poison squirrels
But first, I’d like you to meet my friend Bob (Huh?)
Say hi Bob! (”Hi Bob”) Bob’s 30 and still lives with his mom
and he don’t got a job, cause Bob sits at home and smokes pot”