NoFX – Herojuana

Tämän biisin voisi varmaankin sanoa kritisoivan vallalla olevaa huumepolitiikkaa.

”Light the match
Burn the flower
Leave behind
All the wrong
Why be sad
When happiness can be bought for a little more then free
Modern day prohibition

Are we men?
Are we children?
At what age
Can I choose
How to live?

The only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs
Haven’t we
Learned our lesson?
The corner store sells finest Scotch
But who’s got uncut powder
We just want what is ours

Dignity, if god created plants and burrs that I find and abuse
Then who the fuck
Are you to judge me?”

NoFX – Drug Free America

Kappaleessa käännetään sanat siten, että toiveena olisi huumeiden laillistaminen Amerikassa.

”We belive in a drug free America
A drug free America for me
That’s the way we belive
The way that it should be

Drug free America for me

Like in Amsterdam where drugs
Are bought and sold legally
Let’s take it one step further
And make them all for free

Drug free America for me

Say ”nope to dope” when its not for free
Say ”ugh to drugs” save your money
Don’t listen to facts just sit back
And relax and help make our country
Drug free”

NOFX – Drugs are Good

”Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should.
And when you do ’em people think that you’re cool.”

Hmm… huumeiden käyttämisen vastuuttomuus ja coolius. Mielenkiintoiset sanat. Ehkä hieman sarkasmia joukossa :-D