Unzyme – The Completionist

I get visions of strange desires
– one more love to complement the others
I dream of living several lives
one for each fantasy I hide

She gives me the pills
She lets me drown in her kiss
She keeps me alive
She makes it worth all the lies

Get a hold of yourself
No one else has to know
who you licked out there in the warehouse
Get a hold of yourself
No one else has to know

Get a hold of yourself
No one else has to know
who you tied up there in the silo
Get a hold of yourself
No one else has to know

My life should always be exciting
like a book, twisted and uplifting
All thoughts lead to the next chapter
I’ve got the skills to orchestrate the story

Black Label Society – Stoned And Drunk

Eipä ole paljon lohtua tässä The Blessed Hellride -levyn avausbiisissä. Elämä niin sanotusti viturallaan.

“Disillusioned, pure confusion
Where I’m rolling, never never knowing

Walkin’ minefields, all is surreal
Where I’m rolling, never never knowing

Walked out of my mind
Don’t want to find, whatevers left
Poppin’ pills and drinkin’ booze
Smokin’ everyday
Stoned and drunk completely gone
My world is here to stay

Ain’t no silence, constant violence,
Where I’m rolling, never never knowing
Demolition, crucifixion
Where I’m rolling, never never knowing

Walked out of my mind,
Don’t want to find, whatevers left
Stoned and drunk completely gone
My world is here to stay
Hide my fears and kill my doubts
Whatevers in my way
Poppin’ pills and drinkin’ booze
Smokin’ everyday
Stoned and drunk completely gone
My world is here to stay”

Eminem – Going Through Changes

Yksi Recovery-albumin oleellisimpia teemoja on Eminemin kamppailu pillereiden väärinkäytöstä kohti selväpäisyyttä. Going Through Changesissa tätä matkaa ruoditaan hyvin.

“I lock myself in the bedroom, bathroom
Napping at noon, yeah dad’s in a bad mood
He’s always snapping at you
Marshall what happened that you
Can’t stop with these pills, and you’ve falling off with your skills
And your own fans are laughing at you
It become a problem you’re too pussy to tackle
Get up, be a man, stand, a real man woulda had this shit handled
Know you just had your heart, ripped out and crushed
They say Proof just flipped out, homie just whipped out and bust
Nah, it ain’t like Doody to do that,
He wouldn’t fuckin’ shoot at, nobody, he’d fight first
But dwelling on it only makes the night worse
Now I’m popping Vikes, Percs, and Methadone Pills
Yeah Em tight verse, you killed it
Fuckin’ drug dealers hang around me like Yes-Men
And they gon’ do whatever I says, whenever I says it
It’s in their best interest to protect their investment
And I just lost my fuckin’ best friend, so fuck it I guess then”

Cannibal Ox – Painkillers

Elämä on tekee kipeää ja kipua voi lievittää jos jollakin.

“You know we rap drugs and pain kill
Cause life’s ill

Yo, some nights we got so drunk
Its like we miss the feeling
Of a never ending headache
And a spinning ceiling
The sob story of an alcoholic
On his hands and knees
Praying to that porcelain toilet
Whether behind bars or in front of scars
We use medicine to numb the rap bar
I might tell you something that’ll change your death
Pain kills the life
Pleasure loves the breath
Ox a-cappell
I’ll spit this in hell
With L’s hanging off my body
And no ice cooler
Every rhyme I write
Is civilize my future wife
Breaking her water
In a time without order
Yo, chaos is born
A seance is spawned
And I resurrect light beams
That resemble the red dawn
I guess that’s why I was born
To recognize the beauty of a rose’s thorn
And learn from the strife of a soul that’s torn
To be forewarned
Just to be forearmed
So let that thought settle
As we backpeddle
Through the seven seas of info
That’ll crush your ego
Some of us pop pills and snort coke
To pain kill
Some of us rap drugs and bear witness
Cause life’s ill
Y0, but true happiness comes from within
You can’t rely on a substance
Look at addiction for instance
And in an instance
You’ll wake up out of that
Requiem for a Dream
But you still caught it in the rectum

Right here trapped in the box
Rap’s all I got
Smoke too much pot
Bones with ?chromes? twisted in knots
Cold vein with thoughts
Bubbling hot
Stoned in the bedroom
Writin’ this poem
Off the phone
Caught a head rush
Smoke clouded my dome
At the end of my ropes
Writing these notes
Hopin’ to float
Above this bullshit
Pull spliffs blowin’ the ghosts
The sky’s the limit
Stay high with vision
Visualize the body righteous
Lost cipher
The mind’s wisdom
Helped me through life’s transitions
I’m in a tight position
Hungry-ass shit flippin’
With no sex or wretch
This stress got my chest a mess
I’m vexed
Trying to escape out of the depths
Of hell’s nest
So I rest inhale
The trauma blessed
And let the stress exhale
Through clouds of cess
My mind foggy
And body wet
Poppin’ shotties
Shot straight through the nostril
Cloudy with thoughts of ill type menageries
When pops used to tell me
“it wasn’t like this
With drugs and sex
Up in my day”
But poppy
Shit really changed
Yo niggas is losing their minds
And I can’t really blame them
I’m losing my brain
In these times
And I’m angered with hangovers
Ready to ride off a cliff with a Range Rover
Like I was fuckin’ Thelma & Louise
And if I had a trigger I would squeeze
But ?leave?
Blow my whole head off and bleed
Trying to get that same feeling
Every day pain killing”

Tech N9ne – T9X

T9X = Tech N9ne Experience = kokemus yhdeksän huumeen sekakäytöstä… siitä kai nämä sanat kertovat?!?

“Yeah, X.T.C. (I love you very much)
G.H.B., shrooms and weed
This is the Tech N9NE experience
Yeah A.C.I.D. (I love you very much)
P.C.P., Carabou leez
This is the Tech N9NE experience”

Pantera – Suicide Note, Pt. 1

“Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take
the pain away
Diet of life, shelter without, the face that cannot
see inside yours and mine

When I’m hiding, when I need it, it lets me
breathe, for our handle on this life, I don’t believe
this time

Would you look at me now?
Can you tell I’m a man?
With these scars on my wrists
To prove I’ll try again
Try to die again, try to live through this night
Try to die again…..

Forever fooling, free and using, sliding down the
slide that breaks a will
Mothers angel, getting smarter, how smart are
you to regress unfulfilled? It’s a damn shame,
but who’s to blame?”

Tom Petty – Girl on LSD

Biisissä lauletaan kaverista, joka rakastuu aina huumeita käyttäviin naisiin.

“I was in love with a girl on marijuana
She said, “If I’m not stoned I don’t wanna”
But she got so paranoid
Her place I would avoid
I was in love with a girl on marijuana

I was in love with a girl on cocaine
She had everything going but her brain
We?d talk endlessly for hours
But by morning it’d go sour
I was in love with a girl on cocaine”

Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane

Biisi kertoo pariskunnasta, joka elää kuin viimeistä päivää.

“Eager for action and hot for the game
The coming attraction, the drop of a name
They knew all the right people, they took
all the right pills
They threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills
There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face
She pretended not to notice, she was caught up
in the race”