Deuteronomium – Druglord

Kotimaisen ”deukkiksen” tiukka kristillinen ”dödö” otti käsittelyynsä kakkosalbumilla myös huumediilerit.

”Could someone tell me who took away
The light from my eyes
I’m walking through my nightmare called life
I don’t care if it is day or night
Don’t have any plans for the future
My future is dead
I only need my needle, don’t need no bread
Deep in my head I know the butcher

Druglord, you stole my soul
Druglord, melted my brains
Druglord, made me a living dead
Don’t give your pinkie to Druglord

I walk alone in my colorless world
I run for needle, steal for a trip
Whore for the Druglord, kill for his wish
I am as free as a wingless bird
I’ve lost my family, I’ve lost my friends
In this valley of misery cold are the walls
And in my head, House of the Damned calls
Will I follow before it ends

Druglord, you stole my soul
Druglord, melted my brains
Druglord, made me a living dead
Don’t give your pinkie to Druglord

Druglord, leave me alone!”

Gravediggaz – Defective Trip (Trippin’)

Trippailu ei aina mene putkeen.

”want to see something that could make ya sick?
Stand in front of jets on the Gaza strip
I used to take puffs from a car, jet in my garage
Then I get blitzed from the charge
I felt my head swayin, my eyes in a daze
Felt and violence and off balance I got drugged for days
A room full of smog, I dipped it in my dart
then I threws it at my dog
I need another hit, Hurry, Quick! Hurry, Quick!
My high’s takin signs and the shit’s about to kick
I’m gaspin’ for air, my vision disappears,
I’m blinkin’ and I’m thinkin’ Yeah!
Word, cause that’s the shit I was hawkin
So stay the fuck away ’cause I spit when I’m talkin
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Punk
When I’m trippin’


Some people like cheeba, some like brew,
I get mad lifted off four gallons of glue,
Pretty soon I spin like a top, In the middle of the room
And the shit won’t stop!
Now What I see when I triiiiippppp…
The rats in the basement all start to flip,
All through my building, from door to door,
I swear there’s a fire, so I piss on the floor,
Now down the corridor was old fat Ned,
Schemin’ on a blowjob from a crackhead,
He was like ’hey want to piece little man?’
I was like ’Yo, I’m better off with my haaaannnndddd!!!!!!!’
Oh shit, reality returns,
I need another hit but the glue won’t burn,
I’m cukoo and murderous, Just plain nuts,
smokin’ sodium menthol cigarette butts,
and trippin’…

(yo, pass it man)

86 on the strip, and yo’ my hands was…,
the reaper, the keeper, my niggaz let’s get… i put the high on the stimuli,
I’m like the two face, like the signs of gemini,
My head keeps on spinnin’, constantly continuin’
Two tabs of mescaline, fucks up my adrenaline,
I’m in a… Uhhhh… I can’t escape it,
It’s like… uggghh… goddamit I hate it!
So take it like a (brine), from the grapes of a vine,
The wine, it fucks up my mind, everytime,
I’m goin’, and all I want to be doin’ is bonin’,
But like a dope fiend character I’m…,
I’m stuck, fl-fl-flipping, sssslipping…
I’m tripping…

Life of the…
Can be stopped by accident
When you’re tripping
(Cuz I’m trippin’)”

13th Floor Elevators – Roller Coaster

Sanoitukset pyrkivät kertomaan kuinka psykedeelit laajentavat mieltä ja auttavat ymmärtämään maailmaa.

”After your trip life opens up,
you start doing what you want to do
and you find out that the world that you once feared,
gets what it has from you…
No one can ever hurt you
cause you know more than you thought you knew
and you’re looking at the world
from brand new eyes,
and no one can ever spoil the view”

Dope – One Fix

Pirun hyvin kuvaavat sanat siitä, miltä addiktista tuntuu odottaa, että kamaa tuodaan.

”About time, I don’t care how you’ve been
I know you’ve got and I want it
Long night, and I don’t want it to end
I’m glad to see you coming”