Deep Purple – Dead or Alive

don’t turn off the light
you might draw the queen of spades
don’t shut the door
you don’t need to be alone
i won’t bring you no food
there might be some poison in your meat
i’ve got to know are you dead or alive
don’t shut the door are you dead or alive
dead or alive
pick your window you’re leaving

don’t look in the mirror
with a dollar up your face
you’ve got money to burn
you’re cheap at half the price
oh don’t powder your nose
don’t blow your brains just for the the
i’ve got to know are you dead or alive
just for the crack are you dead or alive
dead or alive
pick your window you’re leaving

you’re running so fast
but you know you’re standing still
i’m afraid of your shadow
and the knife in it’s hand
you’re dancing with death
to the tune of the dealer
and he don’t care
don’t give a toss
don’t want to know if
you’re dead or alive
don’t want to know if
you’re dead or alive
dead or alive
pick your window
you’re leaving

Run-D.M.C. – Pause

Run-D.M.C.:n Back from Hell -levyltä löytyvä Pause taitaa olla sanomaltaan aika huumevastainen biisi.

”Afros…. yeahhh
Afros! Yeahhh
Brothers be out there doin crack… Nooooooo!
They be doin dope… Nooooooo!
They be gangbangin! Nooooooo!
All them brothers need to just

Yeah I’m with that
Here comes the Afros, and the forty ounce crew
Who say slowly but surely, we gonna turn the mother out
We got more, in store, young ladies on the floor, so cool out

Intro, which means I start it
In other words, herbs departed
Pause, stop for the cause
Get up, get down, you get yours
Chill, no time to get ill
Word to herb — yeah it’s the will of God
So whassup Hobbes?
Just jock, clock, rock, and don’t stop but

Pause, pause for the cause, get yours
But don’t break laws
Quit, quit it, forget it
Pause, say your way with it
Pause, if you did it, admit it
Cause, you shouldn’ta did it
Next time, you think of doin a crime
Pause, and remember this rhyme

Pause for the cause, cause broken laws
Are just like broken jaws
They take a long time to heal
I’m for real, and I know the deal
Look it over, investigate
Evaluate, think!
Life is wrong, and full of flaws
Before you break laws just pause!

I think that worked man

Yeah pause, this beat is dope D
I’m tellin you, this beat is dope, just slammin, it’s dope

Well if it’s dope, I hope it’s not crack
Or coke, or nuttin like somethin you EVER smoke
And if they offer you some say NO
Or pause
The reason I wrote this rhyme, is not to climb
But just to tell all mankind
That the use and abuse of drugs — will what?
Will, blow, your, mind

Like dough makes bread, it goes straight to your head
You’re misled and then you’re dead
Now that’s not fly, when you die
On a high
Like a trip, oooh, you make me sick
Ill, lookin like doo doo on a stick
You don’t have to be a vic
Life is like a flick, so pause

Pause, p-pause, pause, p-p-pause

Alright y’all, now that you understand
My man Run never ran
I’m gonna take this mic yo my hand
And hand this to the one man band

Now pause, now pause

I’m Jay, I make up the trey
Now check out the dance that I display
It’s called the pause
A new thing, on the dancefloor
First you move, then you stop
Combine the hustle, foxtrot, pop and lock
Put em all together why because
It’s called the pause

Slammin, the dance is slammin
Pause, the people are jammin
Stop again, back to the groove
I show you how to move
It’s simple, just like stop and go
You can pause on the fast or slow
Participate, won’t you all get down
Here’s a solo from my homeboy Stanley Brown

Ahh yeah, I like this R&B shit…
Pause, pause, one more time!
Yeah, do that, do that…
Now pause!”

System of a Down – Stealing Society

”Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies living it all fading
Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies fading ones abating
Two suns living it all dying
Two suns fighting ones abiding

Two suns watching them both fighting
Two suns seeing them both dying
Two suns watching them both fighting
Two suns fighting ones abiding
Two skies seeing them both dying
Two skies fading ones abiding

Oh oh ah

Crack pipes, needles, PCP and fast cars
Kind of mix really well and a dead movie star
When I feel like talking I’ll never be wrong
If I fell like walking you best come a long
I close my windows crank the heat up high
till my palms are wet and my tongue is dry

I’m looking for a mother that will get me high
Just a stupid motherfucker if I die I die
I’m a midnight fistfight”