Blue Öyster Cult – Then Came the Last Days of May

Blue Öyster Cultin debyyttialbumilla on muutamakin huumeisiin viittaava kappale. Then Came the Last Days of May kertoo tarinan kaveruksista, jotka ovat menossa ostamaan huumeita, mutta jotain meneekin lopussa totaalisen pieleen.

”Parched land, no desert sand
The sun is just a little dot
And a little bit of water goes a long way
’cause it’s hot (it’s hot)
Three good buddies of mine were laughin’ and smokin’
In the back of a rented Ford
They couldn’t know they weren’t going too far

Each one with the money in his pocket
To go out and buy himself a brand new car
But they all held the money they had
Money they hoped would take them very far

Sky’s bright, the traffic light
Now and then a truck
And they hadn’t seen a cop around all day (what luck)
They brought everything they needed
Bags and scales to weigh the stuff
The driver said, ”The border’s just over the bluff”

Wasn’t until the car suddenly stopped
In the middle of a cold and barren plain
And the other guy turned and spilled
Three boys blood did they know a trap had been laid?

They’re OK the last days of May
But I’ll be breathin’ dry air
I’m leaving soon
The others are already there (all there)
Wouldn’t be interested in coming along
Instead of staying here?
It’s said the West is nice this time of year”

Aerosmith – Reefer Headed Woman

Aerosmith julkaisi Jazz Gillumin 30-luvulla säveltämän bluesbiisin levyllään Night in the Ruts vuonna 1979. Sanoituksen oli pistetty hieman uusiksi, mutta edelleen laulellaan kovin jumissa olevasta naikkosesta.

”I got a reefer headed woman
She fell right down from the sky, good Lord
I got a reefer headed woman
She fell right down from the sky
Well, I gots to drink me two fifths of whiskey
Just to get half as high

When the good Lord made that woman
He sure went to town
When the good Lord made that woman
He sure went to town
Well, when he was feelin’ high
He sure should have been feelin’ low

I got a reefer headed woman
Lord, she fell right down from the sky
Little reefer headed woman
She fell right down from the sky
Lord, I got to drink me two fifths of whiskey
Just to get, just to get half as high”

Hanoi Rocks – Mental Beat

Amfetamiini taitaa valvottaa tässä Hanoin biisissä.

”You can’t ignore this beat
You have to get up on your dancing feet
You will have no time to eat
The beat is so much stronger than me
Oh, yes, it is

I observe and I learn
Today I have been reversed
And it seems to me, now, like I’m the center of the universe

People ask me if I’m going insane
But I say it’s just this missile in my vein
It comes on hard; there’s no stop, no start
And it kicks so strong, the kick goes on
Over and over till you can’t belong
It’s an endless song
One, two, three, it goes on

Ooo, mental beat
Ooo, mental beat

Your hero’s just a zero
And you’re just another weirdo
It comes on like a bomber
A long distance drummer
If you can’t hear the beat, you must be deaf

Hanoi Rocks has got the beat
Boy, they never seem to sleep
And the only explanation
Is that there is no protection
Against the mental beat

So let’s go”

Velvet Revolver – Superhuman

Lienee kuvaus kokaiiniin addiktoituneesta naisesta.

”I’m a superman
I want to be your superman
I’m a superman
I want to be your superman

What you get is a crash course to be a man
But a man is a destination never known
Sometimes dressed up like a red hot lady in pumps
Don’t think she can get enough

Always feel like she’s runnin’ on a hamster wheel
Getting high, crashing cars and makin’ mistakes
Keepin’ her face packed with cocaine
Her face is numb your faith is gone

I’m travelin’ on now
I’m makin’ plans now


Keep it comin’ in a world that’s blown up wild
Keep it comin’ in a world that’s bred her style
We’re all runnin’ from the goose she’s high on cocaine
There’s a noose swimmin’ right between her legs to her brain

We’re all in need of a superhuman woman now
We’re all in need of a superhuman woman now
So rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo
Throw the rope around her neck and get the show on the road

I’m travelin’ on now
I’m makin’ plans now

What’s she thinkin’
She’ll never get enough of


Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid

Alice varoittelee huumeista.

”Hey bro, take it slow
You ain’t livin’ in a video
You’re flying low with a high velocity
No doubt, you’re stressin’ out
That ain’t what rock n’ roll’s about
Get off that one way trip down lonely street

Now I know you’ve been kicked around
You ain’t alone in this ugly town
You stick a needle in your arm
You bite the dust, you buy the farm

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid
What ya tryin’ to do
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey stoopid
They win you lose
Hey, hye, hey, hey, hey stoopid

C’mon girl, it’s a better day
Get your foot out of that grave
Don’t let that one love tear your world apart
C’mon babe, kick that stuff
Show the street it ain’t so tough
Quit lyin’ around with a crippled, broken heart

Now I know you’ve been seeing red
Don’t put a pistol to your head
sometimes your answer’s heaven sent
Your way is so damn permanent

This ain’t your daddy talkin’
You know, I know
Your story ain’t so shocking
You know, I know
Blow some steam
C’mon and scream”

Guns N’ Roses – My Michelle

Stephen Davis Watch You Bleed -kirjassa kerrotaan biisistä: ”Jo alussa äiti on kadonnut maan alle, isä toimii pornomogulina ja Michelle-ressu on itse kokkelipää ja lutka.” Biisin lopussa Michelle saa elämänsa kuosiin.

”Your daddy works in porno
Now that mommy’s not around
She used to love her heroin
But now she’s underground
So you stay out late at night
And you do your coke for free
Drivin’ your friends crazy
With your life’s insanity”

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Axl toivottaa kuulijan tervetulleeksi Losin kaduille, joissa on villi meininki… eikä vähinten sen takia, että hänellä on tarjota mitä aineita ikinä haluatkin.

”Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ’n’ games
We got evrything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease”

Motörhead – Speedfreak

Amfetamiinin fiilareista kerrotaan tässä Lemmyn biisissä.

”Way too fast, way too fast
Gonna be the first and last
Shoot ya down, shoot ya down
Flamin’ Wreck you hit the ground
Up for a week
Don’t need no sleep
Cos I’m a speedfreak, speedfreak”