Supergrass – Caught By the Fuzz

Supergrass onnistuu mainiosti kuvaamaan teinin tuntemuksia kun hän jää poliisille kiinni pilven polttamisesta.

”Caught by the fuzz
Well I was, still on a buzz
In the back of the van
With my head in my hands
Just like a bad dream
I was only fifteen

If only my brother could be here now
He’d get me out he’d sort me out alright
I knew I should have stayed at home tonight

Locked in the cell, feeling unwell
I talked to a man,
He said it’s better to tell
Who sold you the blow,
Well it was no one I know

If only you’d tell us we’d let you go
We’ll make it up for you my son,
So tell us what you know,
We’ll make you wish you’d stayed at home tonight

Here comes my mum, well she,
She knows what I’ve done
Just tell them the true,
You know where he’s from,
You’ve blackened our name,
Well you, you should be ashamed

If only your father could see you now,
He’d breakdown and he’d throw you out for sure,
I never should have let you out tonight”

Third Eye Blind – Slow Motion

Third Eye Blindin ”Slow Motion” on kirjoitettu dramatisoimaan median luomaa kuvaa huumeiden käytöstä Hollywoodissa. Blue albumin Amerikan versiossa laulusta on vain liki instrumentaaliversio, koska levy-yhtiön mielestä sanat olivat liian rajut.

”Miss Jones taught me english,
But I think I just shot her son
’Cause he owed me money
With a bullet in the chest you can not run

Now he’s bleeding in a vacant lot
The one in the summer where we used to smoke pot
I guess I didn’t mean it
But man, you shoulda seen it

His flesh explode
Slow motion, see me let go
We tend to die young
Slow motion, see me let go
What a brother knows
Slow motion, see me let go

Now the cops will get me,
But girl, if you would let me
I’ll take your pants off
I got a little bit of blow we could both get off

Later bathing in the afterglow,
Two lines of coke I cut with Drano
And her nose starts to bleed
A most beautiful ruby red

Slow motion, see me let go
We’ll remember these days
Slow motion, see me let go
Urban life decay
Slow motion, see me let go

And at home, my sister’s eating paint chips again,
Maybe that’s why she’s insane
I shut the door to the moaning,
And I shoot smack in veins
Wouldn’t you?

See my neighbor’s beating his wife,
Because he hates his life
There’s a knock to his fist as he swings,
Oh man, what a beautiful thing

And death slides close to me,
Won’t grow old to be
A junkie wino creep

Hollywood glamorized my wrath,
I’m a young urban psychopath
I incite murder, for your entertainment
’Cause I needed the money, what’s your excuse?
The joke’s on you.

Slow motion, see me let go,
Oh yeah.
Slow motion, see me let go, oh
Slow motion, see me let go, ooh”

Stereophonics – I’m Alright (You Gotta Go There to Come Back)

Jonkun vuoksi tehdään tässä Stereophonicsien biisissä kovasti kaikenlaista… mm. käytetään huumeita.

”I’ll drink another drink for you
One, two, three, four, five, once I drank a fish alive
I’ll drop another pill for you
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, did it before, I’ll do it again

I’ll tell another joke for you
Did you hear the one about the one that looks like you
I’ll sleep with sleep arounds for you
Why don’t you scratch my back and chew the tongue I chew

I’m alright
I’m alright

I’ll tell another lie for you
Tell you what you wanna hear, but that don’t make it true
I’ll wear another smile for you
That way you know I’m fine, and having fun with you

I’ll draw another line for you
That way you know I’m hip, that way you know I’m cool
I’ll smoke another smoke for you
I’ll blow back in your mouth and you can blow back too

I’m alright
I’m alright
You gotta go there to come back

I’ll take another punch for you
Tie my hands behind my back, that way you cannot lose
I’ll make another pound for you
So you can drive your motor car, and drive you to the moon

I’m alright
I’m alright

You. Me. Us. Free… we’re alright, alright

Love. Pain. Hate. Rain… we’re alright, alright

Give. Take. Time. Place… we’re alright, alright”

Lil Green – Knockin’ Myself Out

Lil Greenin biisi kertoo surullisen tarinan naisesta, jonka mies jättää ja näinpä hän päätyy polttelemaan.

”Listen girls and boys I got one stick
Give me a match and let me take a whiff quick
I’m gonna knock myself out, I’m gonna kill myself
I’m gonna knock myself out, gradually by degrees.

I started blowing my gage, and I was havin’ my fun
I spied the police and I started to run
I was knocking myself out, I was killing myself
I’m knockin’ myself out, gradually by degrees.

But the very moment I looked around
My mind said ’Yack throw that gage on the ground’
The police captain said ’Kill yourself’!
The police captain said ’Kill yourself’!
He said ’Knock yourself out, yeah, gradually by degrees.’

I used ta didn’t blow gage, drink nothin’ of the kind
But my man quit me and that changed my mind
That’s why I’m knockin’ myself out,
Yes I’m get killin’ myself
I’m knocking myself out, gradually by degrees.

I’m gonna blow this jive, it’s a sin and a shame
But it’s the only thing that ease my heart about my man
When I knock myself out. Lord, when I kill myself
I just knock myself smack out gradually by degrees.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell

70-luvun puolivälissä Lynyrd Skynyrdin useat muusikot olivat sotkeutuneet heroiinin käyttöön. Heroiinin polttamisesta lähtevään hajuun viittaa biisin nimikin. Biisin kirjoittaja Van Zandt purkaa ensimmäisessä säkeistössä pelkojaan. Yhtyeen toinen kitaristi Gary Rossingtonin oli nimittäin juuri aineissa ajanut auton päin tammea.

”Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars
Oak tree you’re in my way
There’s too much coke and too much smoke
Look what’s going on inside you
Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you”