Barney Bigard Sextet – Sweet Marijuana Brown

Barney Bigard oli amerikkalainen jazzmuusikko, soittimaan saxofoni ja klarinetti. Hän soitti muuan muassa Duke Ellingtonin orkesteriaa kunnes toisen maailmansodan jälkeen perusti omaa nimeään kantavia kokoonpanoja. Tällöin hän nauhoitti mm. Sweet Marijuana Brown kipaleen.

”Boy, shes really frantic, the wildest chick in town
She blows her gauge, flies in a rage, Sweet Marijuana Brown
In her victory garden, seeds grow all around
She plants, ya dig, she’s flipped her wig, Sweet Marijuana Brown
She don’t know where she’s going, She don’t care where she’s been
And every time you take her out, she bound to take you in
Boy, that gal means trouble, you oughta put her down
Get hip, take care, look out, beware of Sweet Marijuana Brown”

Tom Waits – Crossroads

Karu tarina…

”Now, George was a good straight boy to begin with, but there was bad blood
In him; someway he got into the magic bullets and that leads straight to
Devil’s work, just like marijuana leads to heroin; you think yo ucan take
Them bullets or leave ’em, do you?
Just save a few for your bad days

Well, now, we all have those bad days when you can’t shoot for shit.

The more of them magics you use, the more bad days you have without them
So it comes down finally to all your days being bad without the bullets
It’s magics or nothing
Time to stop chippying around and kidding yourself,
Kid, you’re hooked, heavy as lead

And that’s where old George found himself
Out there at the crossroads
Molding the Devil’s bullets
Now a man figures it’s his bullets, so it will
Hit what he wants to hit
But it don’t always work that way”

Tom Petty – Girl on LSD

Biisissä lauletaan kaverista, joka rakastuu aina huumeita käyttäviin naisiin.

”I was in love with a girl on marijuana
She said, ”If I’m not stoned I don’t wanna”
But she got so paranoid
Her place I would avoid
I was in love with a girl on marijuana

I was in love with a girl on cocaine
She had everything going but her brain
We?d talk endlessly for hours
But by morning it’d go sour
I was in love with a girl on cocaine”