Ice-T – I’m Your Pusher

Ice-T on biisissä diileri, joka diilaa musiikkian.

”Yo,it’s time for me to pump the volume
No problem,the record’s revolvin’
Evil’s the mixer,I’m the rap trixister
Paparazzi on the bum rush for pictures
Ice,coolin’,yo colder than ever
Punk executioner E pull the lever
Rotate the wax tehn cut an’axe the tracks
Push up the levels till the red lights max
Don’t try to size up,you better wise up
To the rap criminals,we’re succeeded
Dope beats and lyrics,no beepers needed
For this drug deal,I’m the big wheel
The dope I’m sellin’,you don’t smoke,you feel
Out on the dance floor,on my world tour
I’m sellin’ dope in each and every record store
I’m the king pin when the wax spins
Crack or smack will take you to a sure end
You don’t need it,just throw that stuff away
You wanna get high?Let the record play”

Nirvana – Polly

Varsinaisestihan tässä biisissä ei lauleta ainakaan suoraan huumeista. On kuitenkin esitetty, että tässä olisi kyse Kurtin ja Courtneyn huumeaddiktiosta…

Marilyn Manson – The Speed of Pain

Marilyn Mansonin lyriikat ovat usein hyvin monimerkityksellisiä. Tämä kappale voisi viitata kokaiiniin.

”When you want it, it goes away too fast.
Times you hate it, it always seems to last.
Just remember, when you think you’re free,
the crack inside your fuckin heart is me.”

Leftöver Crack – Drug Song

”I wake up and every single day
people make me sick and get in my way.
So you take a load of and you smoke a little pot,
I drink robitussin and drink alcohol alot.

The drug song, the drug song
so all you little followers come up and sing along.
Sing along, sing along.
so toke and raise your bottles to the fuckin drug song.

Smoking dust is happiness, to you im nice and crazy,
when i wake up from my coma and my everything is hazy.
Your smokin crack, your shootin dope it used to be so fun
but now i wanna rule the world and torture everyone.

The drug song, the drug song.
if your workin for the white man then jump up and sing along.
Sing along, sing along.
so toke and raise your bottles to the fuckin drug song.”