Supergrass – Caught By the Fuzz



Supergrass onnistuu mainiosti kuvaamaan teinin tuntemuksia kun hän jää poliisille kiinni pilven polttamisesta.

”Caught by the fuzz
Well I was, still on a buzz
In the back of the van
With my head in my hands
Just like a bad dream
I was only fifteen

If only my brother could be here now
He’d get me out he’d sort me out alright
I knew I should have stayed at home tonight

Locked in the cell, feeling unwell
I talked to a man,
He said it’s better to tell
Who sold you the blow,
Well it was no one I know

If only you’d tell us we’d let you go
We’ll make it up for you my son,
So tell us what you know,
We’ll make you wish you’d stayed at home tonight

Here comes my mum, well she,
She knows what I’ve done
Just tell them the true,
You know where he’s from,
You’ve blackened our name,
Well you, you should be ashamed

If only your father could see you now,
He’d breakdown and he’d throw you out for sure,
I never should have let you out tonight”

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