Mary Magdalan – Rehab

Biisi kertoo kaverista, joka käyttää tasan kaikkea mitä löytyy ja enemmän.

”I can’t help but to help myself I’m losing my mind I need help
filling my mind with doubt I’d do anything to get out”

Exodus – Deathamphetamine

Methamfetamiinin vie viimeiseen lepoon = Deathamphetamine.

”Life spent with lips on glass
Another hit, just one more blast
How long can you make it last?
Hit the pipe and vaporize
Feel the rush, so energized
Your longs being to crystallize
Try to stem the tide
From another five day ride
Don’t you know your dead inside?
The world spins out of control
All amped up, nowhere to go
A glass house is all you know”