Amy Winehouse – Rehab

”They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no
Yes I’ve been black but when I come back you’ll know, know know
I don’t got the time
And if my daddy thinks I’m fine
You tried to make me go to rehab but I won’t go, go, go”

Amy ei halunnut mennä vieroitukseen. Oikeasti.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Don’t Forget Me

”I’m a meth lab first rehab
Take it all off
And step inside the running cab
There’s a love that knows the way

I’m the rainbow in your jail cell
All the memories of
Everything you’ve ever smelled
Not alone, I’ll be there
Tell me when you want to go”

Biisin on ajateltu kertovan huumeiden käytöstä, mutta myös muitakin tulkintoja on olemassa.