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  1. Tää Tim on kyllä hauska veikko…

    ”Hello, my names Tim and i’m a criminal.
    in the eyes society i need to be in jail,
    for the choice of herbs i inhale.
    This aint no wholesale operation.
    Just a few eighths and some playstations my vocation.
    I pose a threat to the nation,
    and down at the station the police hold no patience.
    Lets talk about space and time,
    i like to get deep sometimes and think about einstein and karl jung,
    and old kung fu movies i like to see,
    pass the hydrator please.
    Mmm..yea, i’m floatin on thin air,
    goin to amsterdam in the new year,
    top gear there.
    Cos i take pride in my hobby.
    Homemade bongs using my engineering degree.
    ”Dear Leaders, Please legalise weed for these reasons…”

  2. ”Then at six in the morning the sun dawns and it’s my bedtime.”

    Toi oli ehkä runollisinta.

    Timistä maalataan nasevaa tyhjäntoimittajaa.


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