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  1. Todellakin. Kokkelin käyttämisestä ja diilaamisestahan tässä on kysymys.

    ”We can snort it we can flip it, we can snort it we can flip it
    We can snort it we can flip it, we can snort it (cocaine)

    I had rocks, in my mouth, razorblade, in my hand
    If a nigga hittin’ dope, then you get it from the man
    Understand, I can do the thang, any way you want it
    We can make it quarter key, or a ball for the hundred
    Want it now, maybe wanna come, through a lil’ later
    Got a line, up my nose, size of, the equator
    Take a ounce, of that pure, then make it into two
    Bakin’ soda make it stretch, on the stove it’ll brew
    Come on through, I ain’t worried ’bout no niggaz on a jackin’
    I got killers front and back do’, who ain’t on no actin’
    Guns clackin’ triggers pull, sendin’ suckers straight to Heaven
    You’ll get hit, in the head, wit’ this AK-47

    Residue, on the table from the ki’s we’s choppin’
    Our, balls big as, golfballs, we’s been sno’tin’
    Up all night, in this trap house, niggaz know we got clout
    ’Caine slangers on the blade know, what I’m talkin’ ’bout
    ’Bout to bring the snow, to the hood like a blizzard
    Dodgin’ police and this trap they movin’, like a lizard
    Hoovin’, got a pipeline, comin’ out of Dallas
    Got a mansion in Memphis, down there, got a palace
    I’m addicted to this hustle game, just, like the ’caine
    Tell myself, I’mma quit, but I can’t, stop it mayne
    Love the cars, love the clothes, diamonds, in my mouth
    Down here, dope is cheaper so we boomin’ down south

    Cocaine… cocaine… cocaine… cocaine
    Cocaine… cocaine… cocaine…”


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