Lard – Drug Raid at 4 AM



(police scanner) ”I’ve got him at gun point.”
(man) ”This is your brain on drugs.”
(man #2) ”Get back! Get up, you!”
(man #3) ”Welcome to the glamorous world of drugs.”
(man #4) ”Dr-drugs make me cool! Drugs make me cool! Drugs make me cool!”
(man #4) ”Police!”

(Biafra yelling)
Stay right where you are! Get out of that bed and get down on the floor!
I don’t care if you’re nude, get down on the cement! I don’t care if it’s freezing!
Where’s the drugs?! We know you’ve got some drugs! Shut up, man!
Make him shut up, man! Stay right where you are! Where’s the drugs?!
We know you got some drugs! Where you got ’em?! Where you got ’em?!
We have people sayin’ you did it, man! We know you did it! We’ve got witnesses!


Sheets off
Flashlight in your eyes
Guns in your gut

Strip down
Body search
Cough up
Or stomach pump

To fight the war on drugs
You must give up your rights
You blink, you die
I hate you more than my job


Drug raid at 4 AM (x4)

(Biafra yelling)
Hey, your name isn’t on the lease! Where are you supposed to live?
What is this, NWA? Turn that off!
Smash that stereo! Drugs could be inside the speaker! Smash the speakers!
Smash that TV! Start cutting open their furniture!

Random neighborhood sweeps
Copters break up house parties
Zero tolerance for pot
Easier to get hard stuff

Costs over 3 times more
To keep an addict in jail
Than to treat those trying to quit
But no drug war funds for clinics


Drug raid at 4 AM (x4)

(Biafra yelling)
Hey, what’s this wad of bills doing here? Why are you keeping so much cash around?
Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh?
Well, your kids use drugs, same difference! We’ll have you all out of here!
You’re all going to wind up out on the street! Say one word and we’re gonna get you later!
Do you fuckin’ know that? Do you know that?
I’ll bet you…
Whoops! Sorry! Wrong house.

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