Deuteronomium – Druglord

Kotimaisen “deukkiksen” tiukka kristillinen “dödö” otti käsittelyynsä kakkosalbumilla myös huumediilerit.

“Could someone tell me who took away
The light from my eyes
I’m walking through my nightmare called life
I don’t care if it is day or night
Don’t have any plans for the future
My future is dead
I only need my needle, don’t need no bread
Deep in my head I know the butcher

Druglord, you stole my soul
Druglord, melted my brains
Druglord, made me a living dead
Don’t give your pinkie to Druglord

I walk alone in my colorless world
I run for needle, steal for a trip
Whore for the Druglord, kill for his wish
I am as free as a wingless bird
I’ve lost my family, I’ve lost my friends
In this valley of misery cold are the walls
And in my head, House of the Damned calls
Will I follow before it ends

Druglord, you stole my soul
Druglord, melted my brains
Druglord, made me a living dead
Don’t give your pinkie to Druglord

Druglord, leave me alone!”

Pulp – The Fear

This Is Hardcore -albumin avausraita, The Fear, voisi olla kuvaus huumeiden käytön aiheuttamista peloista ja paniikeista. Monkey on my back viittaisi hieman siihen suuntaan.

“This is our “Music from A Bachelors Den”
The sound of loneliness turned up to ten.
A horror soundtrack from a stagnant water-bed
And it sounds just like this.
This is the sound of someone losing the plot
Making out that they’re okay when they’re not.
You’re gonna like it,
But not a lot
And the chorus goes like this:

Oh baby,
Here comes the fear again.
The end is near again.
A monkey’s built a house on your back.
You can’t get anyone to come in the sack
And here comes another panic attack
Oh here we go again.

So now you know the words to our song,
Pretty soon you’ll all be singing along.
When you’re sad, when you’re lonely
And it all turns out wrong.
When you’ve got the fear.

And hen you’re no longer searching
For beauty or love
Just some kind of life
With the edges taken off.
When you can’t even define what it is that you’re frightened of
This song will be here.

Oh baby,
Here comes the fear gain.
The end is near again.
If you ever get that chimp off your back.
If you ever find the thing that you lack
But you know you’re only having a laugh
And here we go again.
Until the end.”

Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again

Nainen nappaa pahat tripin ja lupaa, ettei enää ikinä käytä happoa.

Man: “You know a lot about drugs.”

Woman: “Oh, I live for drugs. It’s great. Just lately I…freaked out… on acid. I freaked out very very badly. No, I don’t think I’ll ever take acid again. Before I thought that was the best thing in the world. I never want it again… Never acid again”