Stone – Escape

Suora lainaus Ari Väntäsen kirjoittamasta Stone historiikista: “Esimerkiksi Escapen sanoitus on 15-vuotiaan täysin kokemattoman jätkän käsitys siitä, millaista elämä kovien huumeiden maailmassa.”

“Black curtain is fading the lights out
My eyes are blinded
Sorrow in my head, pain fills my brain
I’m gonna explode unless I get
Speed in my vein

God knows I want to break free
But the pain is too much
So help me, please
I know this ain’t the right way out
What could I dou, I couldn’t
Face the truth

Fight the truth, forget it
Escape from reality
Killing my feelings and lighting
My brain
The easiest way to forgive myself

Run, hide
Fight, hard
Run, hide
But I’ll die

My time is running out, my end nears
I must change, I must see the light
Only god could help me, he’d give
The power
But I can’t live without speed
Am I a coward

Run, hide – Try to escape
Fight, hard – But there’s no way out
Run, hide – Try to escape
But I’ll die – My time’s run out

Damage crept up on me, pain turned too high
My brain was overloaded, ready to blow up
What was in my mind before
It was emptied…

Feeling things suck my brain out
Flaming in my head
Now I’m resting in peace without pain
But there’s one thing you should know
I died with joy

Run, hide – Try to escape
Fight, hard – But there’s no way out
Run, hide – Try to escape
But I’ll die – My time’s run out”

Ice-T – I’m Your Pusher

Ice-T on biisissä diileri, joka diilaa musiikkian.

“Yo,it’s time for me to pump the volume
No problem,the record’s revolvin’
Evil’s the mixer,I’m the rap trixister
Paparazzi on the bum rush for pictures
Ice,coolin’,yo colder than ever
Punk executioner E pull the lever
Rotate the wax tehn cut an’axe the tracks
Push up the levels till the red lights max
Don’t try to size up,you better wise up
To the rap criminals,we’re succeeded
Dope beats and lyrics,no beepers needed
For this drug deal,I’m the big wheel
The dope I’m sellin’,you don’t smoke,you feel
Out on the dance floor,on my world tour
I’m sellin’ dope in each and every record store
I’m the king pin when the wax spins
Crack or smack will take you to a sure end
You don’t need it,just throw that stuff away
You wanna get high?Let the record play”

Queensrÿche – The Needle Lies

Queensrÿchen huikean konseptialbumin selkeä riippuvuuskuvaus…

“Don’t ever trust
Don’t ever trust the needle, it lies
Don’t ever trust
Don’t ever trust the needle when it cries…
Cries your name

Wet and raving
The needle keeps calling me back
To bloody my hands forever
Carved my cure with the blade
That left me in scars
Now every time I’m weak
Words scream from my arm”

Megadeth – Mary Jane

“Forgive me father for I have sinned
I’m a child of the air, I’m a witch of the wind
Fingers gripped around my brain
No control, my mind is lame
I’m in the astral plane, and I’ll never be the same
Never, never, never, never, never, never
Never, never, never”

Usein Mary Jane viittaa marihuanaa ja tämässäkin kappaleessa voi nähdä viittauksia siihen suuntaan.