The Temptations – Cloud Nine

Biisi kertoo kaverista, jota elämä ei ole hellinyt. Hän asui slummissa, isä oli työtön ja väkivaltainen. Tätä kaikkea hän pakenee huumeiden tuomaan hyvään oloon.

“The childhood part of my life wasn’t very pretty
You see, I was born and raised in the slums of the city
It was a one-room shack we slept in, the children beside me
We hardly had enough food or rooms
It was a hard time
Needed somethin’ to ease my troubled mind.

Ooooh listen
Father didn’t know the meaning of work
He disrespected Mama and treated her slightly
I left home seekin’ a job that I never did find
The first thing, downhearted, I took to Cloud 9”