Hawkwind – LSD

Kappaleen nimi toiminee myös sanoja selittävänä elementtinä.

“By mere existence, we are elite
Without a body, we are complete
There is no master, we are alone
There is an answer, where we have flown”

Country Joe and the Fish – Bass Strings

Country Joe and the Fishin debyyttialbumilla on tämä oivallisesti trippailua ja mielen laajentamista kuvaava biisi.

“Hey partner, won’t you pass that reefer round,
My world is spinnin’, yeah, just got to slow it down.
Oh, yes you know I’ve sure got to slow it down.
Get so high this time that you know
I’ll never come down, I’ll never come down.
I believe I’ll go out to the seashore, let the waves wash my mind,
Open up my head now just to see what I can find.
Oh, yes you know I’m gonna see what I can find,
Just one more trip now, you know I’ll stay high
All the time, all the time.”