Velvet Revolver – Superhuman

Lienee kuvaus kokaiiniin addiktoituneesta naisesta.

”I’m a superman
I want to be your superman
I’m a superman
I want to be your superman

What you get is a crash course to be a man
But a man is a destination never known
Sometimes dressed up like a red hot lady in pumps
Don’t think she can get enough

Always feel like she’s runnin’ on a hamster wheel
Getting high, crashing cars and makin’ mistakes
Keepin’ her face packed with cocaine
Her face is numb your faith is gone

I’m travelin’ on now
I’m makin’ plans now


Keep it comin’ in a world that’s blown up wild
Keep it comin’ in a world that’s bred her style
We’re all runnin’ from the goose she’s high on cocaine
There’s a noose swimmin’ right between her legs to her brain

We’re all in need of a superhuman woman now
We’re all in need of a superhuman woman now
So rodeo, rodeo, rodeo, rodeo
Throw the rope around her neck and get the show on the road

I’m travelin’ on now
I’m makin’ plans now

What’s she thinkin’
She’ll never get enough of


Marvin Gaye – Flyin’ High (In the Friendly Sky)

Biisi löytyy Marvinin klassiselta Whatäs Going on albumilta. Kyseessä taitaa olla heroiiniaddiktion kuvaus.

”Flying high in the friendly sky
Flying high without ever leavin’ the ground, no
Rest of the folks are tired and weary
Oh Lord, and have laid their bodies down.
I go the place where danger awaits me
and it’s bound to forsake me.
So stupid minded.
I can’t help it
oh ya, so stupid minded.
But I go crazy when I can’t find it,
In the morning, I’ll be alright, my friend.
But soon the night will bring the pains,
The pain, oh the pain
Flying high in the friendly sky
Without ever leaving the ground
And I ain’t seen nothing but trouble baby
Nobody really understands, no no
And I go to the place where the good feelin’ awaits me
Selfdestruction in my hand
Oh Lord, so stupid minded
Oh and I go crazy when I can’t find it
Well I know I’m hooked my friend
To the boy who makes slaves out of men.
And oh beleive me
Flying high in a friendly sky
Oh baby, flyin’ high”

Champion Jack Dupree – Junker’s Blues

Kyllä näissä vanhoissa bluesveisuissa vaan tavoitetaan hienosti tuo fiilis. Hieno on ralli ja hienot on sanat.

”all right… I’m sick as I can be…

Some people call me a junker, cause I’m loaded all the time
I just feel happy and I feel good all the time

Some people say I use a needle, and some say I slip cocaine
But that’s the best old feelin’ that I ever need

Say goodbye, goodbye to whiskey
Lord and so long to gin
I just want my reefer, I just want to feel high again

oh yes I’m a junker
I feel all right

Some people, some people crave for chicken
And some crave for a house steak
But when I get loaded lord I don’t want my milk and cake

oh yeah that’s what I want now…
They call me a junker…
Cause I’m loaded all the time…
But that ain’t nothin that I feel good all the time…”

System of a Down – Stealing Society

”Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies living it all fading
Two skies watching it all fading
Two skies fading ones abating
Two suns living it all dying
Two suns fighting ones abiding

Two suns watching them both fighting
Two suns seeing them both dying
Two suns watching them both fighting
Two suns fighting ones abiding
Two skies seeing them both dying
Two skies fading ones abiding

Oh oh ah

Crack pipes, needles, PCP and fast cars
Kind of mix really well and a dead movie star
When I feel like talking I’ll never be wrong
If I fell like walking you best come a long
I close my windows crank the heat up high
till my palms are wet and my tongue is dry

I’m looking for a mother that will get me high
Just a stupid motherfucker if I die I die
I’m a midnight fistfight”

The Clash – Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad

Biisi on The Clashin kommentti Operaatio Julieen, jossa pidätettiin suurin LSD:n valmistusrinki.

”it’s lucy in the sky and all kinds of apple pie
she giggles at the screen ’cos it looks so green
there’s carpets on the pavements
and feathers in her eye
but sooner or later, her new friends will realise
that julie’s been working for the drug squad

well it seemed like a dream, too good to be true
stash it in the bank while the tablets grow high
in their millions

and everybody’s high (hi, man…)
but there’s someone looking down
from that mountainside
’cos julie’s been working for the drug squad

and it’s ten years for you
nineteen for you
and you can get out in twenty-five
that is if you’re still alive

an’ then there came the night of the greatest ever raid
they arrested every drug that had ever been made
they took eighty-two laws
through eighty-two doors
and they didn’t halt the pull
till the cells were all full
’cos julie was working for the drug squad

they put him in a cell, they said you wait here
you’ve got the time to count all of your hair
you’ve got fifteen years
a mighty long time
you could have been a physicist
but now your name is on the mailbag list
julie’s been working for the drug squad”

Ice-T – I’m Your Pusher

Ice-T on biisissä diileri, joka diilaa musiikkian.

”Yo,it’s time for me to pump the volume
No problem,the record’s revolvin’
Evil’s the mixer,I’m the rap trixister
Paparazzi on the bum rush for pictures
Ice,coolin’,yo colder than ever
Punk executioner E pull the lever
Rotate the wax tehn cut an’axe the tracks
Push up the levels till the red lights max
Don’t try to size up,you better wise up
To the rap criminals,we’re succeeded
Dope beats and lyrics,no beepers needed
For this drug deal,I’m the big wheel
The dope I’m sellin’,you don’t smoke,you feel
Out on the dance floor,on my world tour
I’m sellin’ dope in each and every record store
I’m the king pin when the wax spins
Crack or smack will take you to a sure end
You don’t need it,just throw that stuff away
You wanna get high?Let the record play”

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Axl toivottaa kuulijan tervetulleeksi Losin kaduille, joissa on villi meininki… eikä vähinten sen takia, että hänellä on tarjota mitä aineita ikinä haluatkin.

”Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ’n’ games
We got evrything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease”